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Where Imagination, Courage, and Dreams Collide

Hi There :) Glad to see you have stumbled upon my page. My name is Samantha Moore and I am a fourth year life science student at Queen's University looking to pursue a career  in the medical profession. During my time in University I have struggled with my own mental health and I have found doodling as a unique way of destressing. As time has gone on, I quickly realized not only did doodling help me, but others were also finding fun and relaxation in colouring my detailed artwork. This has since inspired me to create Toodlez Doodlez a brand under which I have decided to self-publish my first colouring book and custom designed doodled treasures. Most importantly in this endeavour I have decided that with every book sold I will make a generous donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association, a charity that is very important to me. There has been a large outpouring of support and enthusiasm for my book, enabling me to spread mental health awareness. This book has been a way for not only myself, but for others to help themselves with the stresses we all tend to face at some point in time. I truly feel that everyone needs mental health support in some way or another within their lifetime. Whether they or someone they love are impacted by mental illness, and they need help to cope, or are just trying to manage life's daily stresses, mental health support is the cornerstone under which we can make a vast difference for everyone; and if we can work hard to support one another in our communities, we will make a difference.

Thank you for your support. Browsing my page & I hope you enjoy one of my Toodlez Doodlez products today! :)